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The establishment of the Gloryland Missionary Baptist Church took place at the New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church, of which is pastured by the Rev. Lawrence Edwards on November 18, 1987.  The service began approximately at 8:10 p.m. with devotion and the congregation singing “Near the Cross”.  Brother John H. Humphrey gave the scripture reading from St. John 1:1-5 and led the assembly into singing “Shine On Me”.  Bro. Humphrey also led the congregation in prayer and proceeded with singing “This Little Light of Mine”.

Pastor Hayes began to preside over the congregation.  He appointed Sis. Pearlie Hayes and Sis. Joyce Shields as recording secretaries.

Rev. Irving Scales was the moderator for the evening.  He asked that a motion be made that Rev. Bennit Hayes become Pastor of the Church.  Bro. Arthur Kimble, Sr. made the motion and Bro. John Humphrey second the motion and everyone was on one accord with the decision.  Rev. Scales was directed by the Pastor that the name of the new church will be Gloryland Missionary Baptist church.  The vote was unanimous.  A scripture reading (James 2:14) was then read by Rev. Scales.

Rev. Hayes proceeded in appointing the officers of the church as follows:


Chairman of the Deacon Board:                                           Bro. John Humphrey

Working Deacons:                                                                 Bro. Donald Benton

                                                                                                Bro. Lewis Little


Finance Secretaries                                                               Sis. Deborah Benton

                                                                                                Sis. Joyce Shields



Trustee Board:                                                                      Bro. Arthur Kimble, Sr. President

                                                                                                Bro. Jesse Bates, Asst. President

                                                                                                Sis. Delores Harrison, Secretary


Sunday School Director:                                                       Bro. Donald Benton


Building Fund:                                                                       Sis. Earlene Kimble, President


Music Department                                                                Bro. Lewis Little, President

                                                                                                Sis. Angela Hayes

                                                                                                Sis. Anthanette Humphrey


(Rev. Hayes said he will be seeking another musician and specified the need for instruments such as organ, drums, and guitar).


Mission Auxiliary:                                                                 Sis. Anthanette Humphrey


Usher Board:                                                                          Bro. Robert Jones, President


Nurse Board:                                                                          Sis. Patricia Shields


Church Clerk:                                                                         Sis. Pearlie B. Hayes


Sunday School Secretary:                                                     Sis. Cheryl Harrison


Evangelical Church:                                                              Rev. Irving Scales


Teachers:                                                                               Rev. Bennit Hayes

                                                                                                First Lady Min. Ethel Hayes


Baptist Training Union:                                                        Sis. Ora Little, President

                                                                                               Bro. Arthur Kimble, Jr. Assist.


Youth Church:                                                                       Bro. Reginald Mack, Director

                                                                                               Bro. Bennit Hayes, Jr. Assist.


Rev. Hayes stipulated the need to secure property for the new church building.  He also stated that there will be no raffles.  The church will use other profitable methods of raising funds.  He commented that the position of Treasurer will remain in the hands of the men and a decision will be made as to what financial institution will be used.  He announced that services will be held temporarily at the Mason hall located 5002 Wipprecht & Pardee Street.  He also encouraged everyone to bring a Bible to church and requested that each president along with every member learn the church curriculum.


An offering was taken up for the purchase of Sunday School literature.  Bro. Arthur Kimble, Sr., Bro. John Humphrey and Bro. Donald Benton rendered their services.  Total collection was $46.00.


Rev. Scales stated he wanted to donate the first $100.00 toward the Building Fund.


Congregation was dismissed with the benediction and singing “God Be With You”.

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